April 9 - 14, 2018

Diversity Celebration

The Diversity Celebration features a wide array of local and international music, eclectic dancing, delectable food, and imaginative crafts. Appalachian students, faculty, staff, K-12 schools, and members of the local community are all invited to join us in this celebration of cultures through art and entertainment.

The Diversity Celebration supports and enhances Appalachian State University's mission of "accepting the responsibility to be actively involved in addressing the educational, economic, cultural, and societal needs of the changing region, state, nation, and world," by providing a venue where diverse perspectives, cultures and values are accepted, appreciated and celebrated.


We wish to extend our sincere thanks for our 2016 Diversity Celebration donors:

Individual Donors

  • Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Billings
  • Mr. John Michael Blackburn
  • Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Burwell
  • Dr. Kathleen T. Brinko and Mr. Jon S. Kwaitkowski
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Marshall Cheves, Jr.
  • Dayton Cole
  • Nicole and Alan Crees
  • Dr. and Mrs. Michael Dale
  • Hank Foreman and John Baynor
  • Ms. Susan H. King
  • Mrs. Terri L. Lockwood
  • Dr. and Mrs. Michael W. Mayfield
  • Dr. Geraldine A. Miller
  • Ms. Cindy Wallace and Mr. Allen Moseley
  • Susan and Bruce Pettyjohn
  • Ms. Traci Diane Royster
  • Mr. and Mrs. David Taylor
  • Ms. Elisabeth Old Wall
  • Mrs. Shari L. Williamson
  • Dr. James E. Young and Dr. Carol Marchel

A special thank you to Lowe's Foods for the donation of bushels of apples for the Unity Festival.

This program is funded in part by the Watauga County Arts Council and Grassroots Funds of the North Carolina Arts Council.