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  • Noren Everts named Appalachian's first woman chancellor

    Dr. Sheri Noren Everts praised the state’s support of higher education and the university’s commitment to undergraduate education during her acceptance remarks March 19, 2014, following election as Appalachian State University's next chancellor.

  • ROTC’s first commissioned black woman

    After graduating from Appalachian in 1978, Edna W. Cummings embarked on a distinguished career in the U.S. Army. The first commissioned African-American female ROTC graduate at Appalachian, Cummings rose through the military ranks to that of colonel, retiring in 2003.

  • Riding down the mountain through the waning sunlight of a January’s Sunday afternoon to interview Pat Ferguson Beane, I tried to imagine how it would feel to be the first Black living on an all-white campus in an isolated community. Beane had entered Appalachian State University as a freshman in 1963. Since that time, she has held the position of “first” frequently in her life—and for all the right reasons.