Creating a diverse campus is an ongoing practice at Appalachian State University. Historically, our region of the state is predominately white, but its demographics have broadened as the Southeastern U.S. and world have changed and become more interconnected. The university was among the nation’s leaders in attracting international students, and we have worked to bring attention and respect to previously marginalized groups.

Appalachian has formally focused attention on diversity in 1994, 2003 and 2007 with surveys, action plans and benchmark improvements. Our focus continued in 2013 with formation of the Chancellor's Commission on Diversity. Our definition of diversity is broad because we recognize and value all human expression.

Diversity statement

Appalachian State University is committed to developing and allocating resources to the fundamental task of creating a diverse campus culture. We value diversity as the expression of human similarities and differences, as well as the importance of a living and learning environment conducive to knowledge, respect, acceptance, understanding and global awareness.

Chief Diversity Officer

Dr. Willie C. Fleming

Dr. Willie C. Fleming joined Appalachian State University as chief diversity officer in May 2016. A two-time Appalachian graduate, he earned a B.S. in art education in 1980 and a M.A. in student development in 1984. He holds a Ph.D. in counselor education from University of South Carolina-Columbia. Previously, he was associate professor of psychology and coordinator of school and mental health programs at Gardner-Webb University.