Advisory Boards

Chief Diversity Officer’s Advisory Board

The Chief Diversity Officer’s Advisory Board, previously known as the Chancellor’s Commission on Diversity, was formed in 2013 to ensure Appalachian is a welcoming community of scholars who value, respect and embrace diversity across all units.

The board’s main purpose is to make recommendations of policy, process and practice around diversity. This is an issues-oriented working group with a focus on student success and campus climate, among others. At the charge of Chancellor Sheri Everts, this group presented to the Chancellor in 2015, 14 proposals, listed below, focused on the recruitment and retention of students, staff and faculty from underrepresented groups. Those proposals have been consciously explored with many completed, in progress and more under consideration. Learn more about Appalachian’s milestones regarding diversity and inclusion

2019-20 board members

  • Cindy Barr
    Associate Vice Chancellor, Enrollment Management
  • Jerisha Farrer
    Assistant Director, Multicultural Student Development
  • Gabby Dickey
    Assistant Director, Fitness
  • Dr. Claudia Cartaya-Marin
    Professor and Department Chair, Department of Chemistry
  • Terri Lockwood
    Director of Marketing Communications and Inclusion, University College
  • Rachel Fried
    Program Coordinator, GEAR UP
  • Dr. Nancy Love
    Professor of Political Science, Department of Government and Justice Studies
  • Dr. Precious Mudiwa
    Professor of School Administration, Department of Leadership and Educational Studies
  • Dr. Elicka Sparks
    Director of Honors Program and Professor of Criminal Justice, Department of Government and Justice Studies
  • Dr. Sushmita Chatterjee
    Associate Professor of Gender, Women’s and Sexuality Studies, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Dr. Ted Zerucha
    Professor and Director of General Education, Development and Evolution, Department of Biology
  • Dr. Barbara Howard
    Professor of School Administration, Department of Leadership and Educational Studies, Curriculum Specialist Program
  • Dr. James Douthit
    Dean, Hayes School of Music
  • Dr. Jacqueline Bergman
    Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs
  • Heather Langdon
    Executive Director, Institutional Research, Assessment and Planning
  • DeJon Milbourne
    President, Student Government Association
  • Dr. Tim Koch
    Title IX Investigator, Office of Title IX Compliance

Proposals from the Chief Diversity Officer’s Advisory Board

  1. Engage a consultant to provide education to all supervisors on the topic of creating an inclusive campus.
  2. Implement a bias incident response process. This recommendation was provided not only by the advisory board, but also the preceding Taskforce on Diversity.
  3. Create an online search committee compliance module.
  4. Related to the item above, another proposal recommended that search committees be provided face-to-face education about the ways implicit bias can affect search processes.
  5. Expand the exit interview process.
  6. Create a formal mentoring program for students from underrepresented groups.
  7. Increase awareness of university policies and student conduct processes related to individual and group harassment and discrimination.
  8. Assess the feasibility of a complete implementation of the holistic review process in admissions. This proposal would expand the breadth of the holistic review process that admissions currently engages in when reviewing applications for incoming students.
  9. Translate admissions materials into Spanish and provide informational sessions and campus tours in Spanish catering to families for which Spanish is the primary language in the home. Survey prospective students to assess whether there is a need to provide such services in additional languages.
  10. Formalize relationships with secondary schools and community-based organizations in areas with a greater density of underrepresented populations.
  11. Implement a strategy that provides access to hair services for students of color.
  12. Conduct a campus climate survey every three years and annual focus groups to assess the inclusive nature of the campus.
  13. Identify and reward initiatives pertaining to outstanding work in the field of diversity by individual students, faculty and staff, student groups and departments/units on campus.
  14. Revamp and restore the faculty fellows program in order to better recruit faculty members with a demonstrated commitment to diversity in their respective areas of study.

Details on the progress of these proposals and other initiatives related to diversity and inclusion

Chancellor’s Student Advisory Board for Diversity Recruitment

Founded in November 2014, the Chancellor's Student Advisory Board for Diversity Recruitment was created to share experiences, create suggestions and actively recruit underrepresented students in order to have a more representative student body. The board consists of student leaders representing various student organizations, as well as several members “at large” and is co-advised by Enrollment Management, the Chief Diversity Officer and the Chancellor's Office.

2019-20 board members

  • Aaron Carpenter
  • Aiyana Willoughby
  • Anahi Pena-Neri
  • Bailey Gardin
  • Berenice Blanco-Rodriquez
  • Charles Fennell
  • DeJon Milbourne
  • Diego Hernandez-Guillen
  • Ebube Bobby-Tasie
  • Elise Haylett
  • Hudson Miller
  • Jabari Moore
  • Jessie Rios
  • Kate Duran-Rivera
  • Kelsey Lam
  • Kyra Scott
  • Loc Chong
  • Marlen Cardenas
  • Nadia Jenkins
  • Shania McIntyre
  • Tori Hunt
  • Kiah Silver