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  • 16%

    ethnically diverse *

    (Fall 2017. A 10% increase over last year.)

  • 18%

    ethnically diverse among first-year students *

    (Fall 2017)

  • 43.5 : 56.5

    male-to-female student ratio

    (Fall 2017)

  • 138

    number of international students on campus

    (Fall 2017)

  • 7%

    ethnically diverse instructional faculty

    (Fall 2016)

  • 302

    enrolled student veterans

    (Fall 2017)

* Combined percentage of students who self-identify as Hispanic of any race; American Indian or Alaska Native; Black or African American; Asian; Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, Two or more races; or are Nonresident Alien. This percentage is taken from the total number of students who elect to report their racial and/or ethnic identities, as well as Nonresident Alien students. Actual counts may be higher, as some students choose not to report their race or ethnicity.

Sources: IRAP, Military Affairs Committee, Office of International Education and Development.

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