Global Thinking, Local Action

“As we work toward making meaningful and significant changes on our campus, we cannot help but bear in mind the national conversations that are taking place. These conversations inform our community, but they do not have to define it. We must and will take ownership of our own community and define it for ourselves. Together, we will stand in unity to build and support a just and equitable society, and together, we will reap and share the benefits.”

- Chancellor Sheri N. Everts

College campuses have historically been places where students shine a spotlight on issues of national and international importance, and Appalachian is no exception. Community dialogue around important topics such as race relations, interpersonal violence and other pressing national topics is vital to growth. Demonstrations are a tool in engaging in this dialogue, and can be important catalysts for culture change. Respectful discourse carries with it tremendous educational value. At Appalachian, we are committed to facilitating this discourse. When we can bring discussions of great import that begin on the sidewalk into the classroom, we not only raise awareness about social injustices, but we also begin to effect real and meaningful changes in society.

Chancellor's Message: Stand together in unity

College campuses across the nation, and in North Carolina in particular, were instrumental to the Civil Rights movement 50 years ago. America’s youth, particularly college students, forced our nation to face ugly truths and begin the process of reconciling them. It is fitting that college campuses continue to be a significant and important part of holding our nation accountable for institutionalized racism and acts of violence and injustice.

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