#BlackatAppState Message from Chancellor’s Cabinet

Friday, July 10, 2020

As many of you know, on Monday, a group of students sent a list of demands to Chancellor Everts and members of the administration, as well as Student Affairs personnel and the Board of Trustees. This group also initiated a petition encouraging students to support those demands. Chancellor Everts immediately responded to the group and extended an invitation to meet to discuss these critical issues, as many already have been identified as key university priorities currently underway or very close to fruition, and we have every expectation that many more can be accomplished within a few months. For example, we are actively working now to expand access to more diverse mental health providers through our expanded use of telehealth services.

The Chancellor’s Cabinet welcomes the opportunity to work collaboratively with you to make our university a stronger, more diverse campus that is inclusive and equitable. To tackle problems we have collectively identified, as well as items raised in the petition, we are creating an accountability group to join us. Because of the intersectionality found in this work, faculty, staff, students and alumni will have critical roles in developing and implementing solutions. We are happy to engage Faculty Senate, Student Government Association, and other partners to address the priorities identified by the accountability group.


The Chancellor’s Cabinet:

Dr. Sheri Everts, Chancellor
Dr. Heather Hulburt Norris, Interim Provost
Mark Bachmeier, Director of Human Resources
Dr. Lee F. Ball, Jr., Chief Sustainability Officer
Jane M. Barghothi, Vice Chancellor for University Advancement
JJ Brown, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Matthew T. Dockham, Director of External Affairs and Community Relations
Dr. Willie C. Fleming, Chief Diversity Officer
Hank Foreman, Vice Chancellor and Chief of Staff
Paul Forte, Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs
Doug Gillin, Director of Athletics
Megan Hayes, Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Communications Officer
David E. Hayler, Chief Information Officer
Paul Meggett, General Counsel