Resources for students

Below is a look at the variety of resources App State provides for underrepresented students.

  • Academic Services for Student Athletes
    Academic Services for Student Athletes provides a comprehensive range of academic advising, personal support, and eligibility oversight for student athletes.
  • Career Development Center
    The center’s mission is to encourage students to explore career paths, identify and develop skills, and pursue experiential opportunities. The center offers resources specifically designed for underrepresented students and identity groups.
  • Center for Appalachian Studies
    The center coordinates and promotes academic programs, public programs and research activities focused on the Appalachian Mountain region.
  • Center for Judaic, Holocaust and Peace Studies
    The Center seeks to strengthen tolerance, understanding and remembrance by increasing the knowledge of Jewish culture and history, teaching the history and meaning of the Holocaust, and utilizing these experiences to explore peaceful avenues for human improvement and the prevention of further genocides.
  • Cherokee Partnership (Gadugi Program)
    The Gadugi Partnership's goals include student recruitment and teacher education at the high school level, with the ultimate goal of working together to preserve Cherokee culture. Through Gadugi, students have the opportunity to earn college credits for an elective course offered by App State.
  • Counseling and Psychological Services
    The goal of the Counseling Center is to assist the Appalachian Community in maximizing the personal growth and development of its members. Its services focus on education, prevention, remediation and crisis management.
  • Directory of student clubs and organizations
    This directory provides information about all student clubs and organizations at App State, many of which are focused on diversity and inclusion.
  • Division of Student Affairs
    The division works to help students become lifelong learners and leaders by engaging and challenging students within a culture of care and inclusion.
  • Hair services for students of color
    This local business offers inclusive hair services.
  • Henderson Springs LGBT Center
    The center serves as a community resource to empower, educate, and affirm LGBTQ+ people, allies, and advocates.
  • Intercultural Student Affairs
    This office provides marginalized and underrepresented students with mentoring, advocacy and community affirmation. The office operates three student-led outreach centers: the Henderson Springs LGBT Center, the Multicultural Center and the Women's Center.
  • M.S. Shook Student Health Service
    Student Health Service is a primary care ambulatory campus health clinic helping meet the needs of App State students.
  • Multicultural Center
    The center provides a bridge that connects and promotes the uniqueness of various multicultural groups by providing a venue for hosting exhibits, programs, activities and lectures that seek to enhance the rich cultures that comprise our collective community.
  • Office of International Education and Development
    OIED helps develop awareness, knowledge, appreciation, and respect of cultural differences in both domestic and international contexts in its students, faculty, staff and the surrounding communities.
  • Office of the Dean of Students
    This office engages students and families through a culture of care with services including case management, off campus student services, parent and family services, student conduct, student legal clinic and student veteran services.
  • Transfer Admissions and Engagement
    This office advocates and collaborates to build the bridges necessary for student transition, integration and success.
  • Residential Learning Communities
    RLCs afford students an academic learning experience outside of the classroom in a fun and educational setting.
  • Rich Mountain Meditation Room
    Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to use this walk-in space as a quiet reprieve from their busy lives, and for prayer and meditation or small group spiritual gatherings.
  • Parent to Parent program
    This program provides free support, caring connections, information and hope to families who have a premature baby, a child with a disability, an emotional or behavioral challenge, a mental illness, a chronic health condition or to families who are grieving the death of a child.
  • Scholars with Diverse Abilities Program
    SDAP aims to prepare college-aged students with intellectual disabilities for personal growth and occupational success. The goal upon completion of the two-year program is that students obtain competitive, integrated employment and live independent, fulfilling lives.
  • Student Learning Center
    The center offers academic resources that complement and enhance classroom experiences by helping students become acquainted with their studies and learn how to learn effectively.
  • Student Veteran Services
    App State has been recognized by VIQTORY as a Military Friendly® School for more than a decade. Our Student Veteran Services provide resources and support during the transition from service to education, and through to graduation and entering the workforce.
  • Wellness and Prevention Services
    This office serves all students through the promotion of healthy behaviors, risk behavior modification services and advocacy for campus-wide health policies which facilitate student success and holistic well-being.
  • Women’s Center
    App State’s Women’s Center is the only completely volunteer-run Women’s Center in North Carolina. The center is committed to educating the App State community, eliminating gender discrimination, promoting social, economic and political equity, and empowering all female identifying individuals.