Strategic initiatives

At App State, we have made significant progress in our work to foster a diverse and inclusive campus environment. In 2014, Chancellor Everts charged the Chancellor’s Commission on Diversity, now known as the Chief Diversity Officer’s Advisory Board, with providing recommendations focused on the recruitment and retention of students, staff and faculty from underrepresented groups.

Since that time, our most recent enrollment in fall 2021 of 18.2% racially and ethnically diverse students indicates a 66% growth since 2014 and a 108% growth in first-year underrepresented student enrollment, also since 2014. We are proud of these advancements. We also recognize they must continue.

To do so, we continually study our campus climate to assess how we value, respect and support members of our underrepresented groups, as well as the general campus community. Our related strategies, priorities and accomplishments are detailed in the pages below.