• Ray Christian
  • Brian Shangwa ’15
  • Sarah Mbiki
  • Kemal Atkins ’92 ’96
  • Guin Thi
  • Susan M. Branch ’99
  • Fidel Leal
  • Traci Royster

Library assistance for classroom discussions

Librarians at Appalachian State University’s Belk Library and Information Commons can assist campus partners with resources to initiate and continue conversations about diversity and inclusion.

Would you would like to work with a librarian to compile resources and/or create a research guide on a topic? Research guides can contain links to books, articles, websites and videos.

See an example

Contact Alex McAllister, mcallisterad@appstate.edu or Jennifer Natale, natalejj@appstate.edu to be connected with a librarian. Faculty can also send comments, ask research questions, or suggest materials to be purchased by the library at http://library.appstate.edu/contact