Appalachian State University is committed to developing and allocating resources to the fundamental task of creating a diverse campus culture. We value diversity as the expression of human similarities and differences, as well as the importance of a living and learning environment conducive to knowledge, respect, acceptance, understanding and global awareness.

- Appalachian State University Diversity Statement

  • 18%

    racially and ethnically underrepresented students*

    (fall 2020)

  • 56%

    growth in underrepresented students since 2014*

    (fall 2020)

  • 97%

    growth in first-year underrepresented students since 2014*

    (fall 2020)

  • 86.5%

    overall student retention rate

    (fall 2020)

  • 83.5%

    retention rate for underrepresented students*

    (fall 2020)

  • 41 : 59

    male-to-female student ratio

    (fall 2020)

  • 342

    enrolled student veterans

    (fall 2020)

  • 92

    enrolled foreign national students

    (fall 2020)

  • 30%

    students from rural areas**

    (fall 2020)

  • 34%

    first-generation college students

    (fall 2020)

  • 8.5%

    underrepresented employees

    (fall 2020)

  • 60.4%

    growth in underrepresented employees since 2014

    (fall 2020)

* Combined percentage of students who self-identify as Hispanic of any race; American Indian or Alaska Native; Black or African American; Asian; Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, Two or more races; or Nonresident Alien. This percentage is taken from the total number of students who elect to report their racial and/or ethnic identities, as well as Nonresident Alien students. Actual counts may be higher, as some students choose not to report their race or ethnicity.

** In-state, degree-seeking students from Tier 1 and Tier 2 counties, as designated by the N.C. Department of Commerce.

Sources: IRAP, Military Affairs Committee, Office of International Education and Development.

“At Appalachian, we believe making real and powerful differences in the world is grounded in inclusive excellence.”

— Appalachian Chancellor Sheri Everts



  • Virtual 6th Annual Women in Educational Leadership Symposium (WIELS)
    Oct 1

    October 1-2, 2021

    WIELS is a partnership between faculty members in the Leadership and Educational Studies at Appalachian State University and practicing educators. Our mandate is the development of an 'armoring process' that will equip women with pragmatic knowledge, skills, and dispositions that prepare them for success as educational leaders.