Appalachian Advocates

Appalachian Advocates information for students

What can an Advocate do for you?

The Appalachian Advocates are willing to serve as mentors, informally or formally, to students from underrepresented groups. They are here to help students navigate the university system and identify opportunities and support. They are also taking action to educate themselves and others on issues related to diversity and inclusion. Advocate faculty intentionally include diverse voices and perspectives in their course design. Advocates are committed to fostering an educational environment that values diversity and intentionally includes people and perspectives from diverse cultures, worldviews, backgrounds, traditions, and ways of life.

Where can you find an Appalachian Advocate?

Appalachian Advocates are encouraged to show their membership through the use of the Appalachian Advocates Emblem on their office doors, email signatures and personal web pages. Feel free to reach out to any Appalachian Advocates member with questions or concerns, requests for mentorship, and other needs you might have. They will work with you to find what you are looking for. If you'd like to participate in diversity and inclusion events on campus, the Appalachian Advocates Initiative maintains a list of campus diversity and inclusion events for students, faculty and staff. If you know of an event that should be included, let us know at

Connect with an Appalachian Advocate

“We are so glad to have you here as a student at App State. When you come to college, whether you are coming from Raleigh or just down the street, you bring with you, your experiences, perspectives, and identities. It’s up to us as your campus leaders to help foster safe and inclusive learning communities. Whether you need help figuring out how to navigate a challenging situation in one of your classes or want more formal mentorship, our Appalachian Advocates are here to guide and support you.”

Jamie Parson, Chief Diversity Officer