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NY Times columnist: Find your passion

By Linda Coutant

Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof encouraged Appalachian State University students wanting to make a difference in the world to find an issue they’re passionate about and “add a few drops” to that bucket.

“Take it from me, drops in the bucket — that’s how we can fill the bucket together,” said Kristof, who has reported on world events and the people affected by them in more than 150 countries.

“Find some bucket you care about and add a few drops to it, and that can be transformative to the people that you help.”

Known for bringing attention to human rights issues, Kristof spoke on campus in spring 2018 as part of the University Forum Lecture Series. In a speech titled “Why Students Should Care About the World & Change It,” the journalist shared stories from his career covering world affairs, including sex trafficking and access to education.

The world needs to develop a greater collective responsibility and demonstrate stronger empathy toward others, Kristof said.

Young people can build a bridge across what he called “the empathy gap” — through education, study abroad and other opportunities to observe another culture.

People wanting to make a difference often ask him, he said, whether they should focus on issues abroad or at home.

“My answer is, it’s always a mistake to pit them against each other. We can do both. We can, here and there, make extraordinary differences in people’s lives,” he said.

“I encourage you to find what speaks to you.”

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